How To Perform Social Media Marketing

How To Perform Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing are now playing a major role in promoting business, weather it is startup firm or well established firm. Most of the organization uses.

Social media for improving their business by following some strategies and business goals. In this article we will provide you some tips you need to follow while doing social media marking for your business or for the other business organizations.


Below are the Tips which you need to follow while doing Social media marketing?


Step 1: Understand your current presence in Social Media

Don’t jump, first understand where you are at the moment in terms so social media.  Look at the following points below.

  • Networks in which you are currently actively engaged with
  • Is the right network, Area your network is optimized like photos , url etc
  • Look at the network which gives you most values or bringing values to your business.
  • Understand your competitors profile in social media. How effective they are.


2:  Note down your potential customers

Understand your target audience and note down every important need for your social media marketing. If you document properly about your target audience then definitely by providing social media marketing to yourself or to other business organization will help grow in your business and creates values. Look at the factors which are important while you target your audience.

  • What should be the Age group?
  • What should be the target Location
  • What should be the Job Title
  • What can be the Income group
  • What are the Pain areas (that your business can solve)
  • What are the social network which is most used now a days

Step 3: Mission yourself which doing social media marketing.

Create your agenda on daily basis, look for the further action to be performed.  What are the action plan for your target audience in social media marketing? Always plan for future actions and make goal. Look the target which you decided has been achieved, if not then what can be done.

Always look for the loopholes to perform better in social media marketing.

It will always be difficult to have proper objectives and goals in any business. You need to set these goals and objectives. Define your goal and objective while performing social media marketing.


Step 4: Understand your success metrics.

A big question comes to everybody mind that, How will you understand that your social media marketing Strategies are successful or not? How many followers are there in my social media marketing? What are the points to consider during social media marketing? What are the potential gap in it?  What are the areas of improvement? Below are the few areas or say measure which is required which will help you while doing social media marketing.


  • What are the conversion rate from your social media marketing?
  • How much Time Spent by user on your Website
  • How many people are in reach of your marketing?
  • Is your brand recognized
  • How many share you have in your social media marketing.
  • How many likes you have.
  • How many visitors are there on your website while doing social media marketing?


Step 5: Always create better and meaningful content

Since you are now aware of what will be your target audience and to whom you want to target, so while performing social media marketing content of your post are most important. Do not just simple create the campaigns which does not help your target audience to understand your brand. Always look for better and meaning full content.   Content is the key of your social media marketing so always focus on the content of your marketing provide some meaning full thoughts so that customer would like to engage with your brand . Provide images, link to your Blogs, links to your videos, news of your company, infographic, eBooks etc.


Always prefer to calendar your content which you want to post in social media marketing. Give priority to your post and same is applicable to your audience. Provide high quality content to your post on social media marketing. Make strategy of your social media marketing content. List down the idea and try to implement those ideas for your social media marketing.


Step 6: Use social media tools for your social media marketing.

There are many social media tools available in the market. Use those tools which increase your productivity. These are paid tools with some free options, use it.


Without using those tools it is difficult to make your presence in the social media due to lot of efforts you have to do and at last you will deny your efforts. Using tools will ease your effort and will help you to focus more on your business.

These tools schedule your post on daily, weekly, monthly basis, so that you can also focus on creating new post and events for your growing business.


Step 7: Optimize, Track, Analyze your social media marketing strategy made by you.

One of the most important steps you need to follow is to track your strategy of social media marketing. Analysis of your social media marketing will help you what you wanted and what are you at present, by doing this you will be able to create better options for performing well in social media.


At last  we will say perform above mentioned steps , hope it will help in your social media marketing strategies .

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Looking forward to hear from you.



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