What is important, SEO or social media marketing?


Those are two different things.

SEO helps your page to appear in the top results of search engines (like Google, Youtube, Bing, Facebook Search, etc); Digital Marketing is related to a more comprehensive strategy which includes posting on social media, making videos to promote your products, using several social media platforms, creating blogs, etc.

Search engine optimization


My suggestion would be to work on both simultaneously. Make sure to insert keywords into your digital marketing content.

SEO is important for:

  • Organic growth (new users to visit your web page, download your app, etc.)
  • To be found by the search engines

Digital Marketing is important for:

  • Grow your products awareness
  • Generate leads
  • It might also help you to be found by the search engines, since your brand will be inserted in more websites.

That said, I think one key factor to make your brand to success in the social media is quantity and consistency. To improve that, maybe you can use some automation tools like Vaasit.com. We use both strategies to engage with our customers, and we get pretty much good results.

Hope you find this useful!.


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